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We want you to remember Richard Willette Concrete, we want you to always to be satisfied each time you walk down your sidewalk or down your driveway. To us, word of mouth is important, and a positive review is entirely based on your experience with us. With over 50 years experience in Middle Tennessee we can promise that we will stay true to our values so that you will be eager to work with us again.

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Richard Willette is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractor in Middle Tennessee (some cities that we service are Nashville, Portland, Westmoreland, Red Boiling Springs, Celina, Cookeville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Millersville, White House, Pleasant Shade, Livingston) that offer a wide range of concrete services for homes and commercial properties. Our services include concrete driveway and concrete patio installation, slabs, garages, sidewalks, steps, handicap ramps, residential and commercial foundations, and more. Whether you need a new concrete installation or tear out and replace service, the quality of our workmanship will exceed your expectations. When you need professional concrete work from a simple driveway to a complex slab or poured wall project, Richard Willette Concrete is here to serve you with professional attention. So call us for a no obligation estimate. Richard Willette Concrete gets the job done... on time and on budget.
•Driveways •Patios •Sidewalks •Pool Decks •Retaining Walls •Building Slabs •Steps •Basements •Broom Finishes •Exposed Aggregates •Stenciling •Loading Docks •Ramps •Walls •Slabs •Removal •Machine Pits •Handicap Ramps •Walks

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Stamped vs Stenciled Concrete

The Stamped Effect

Concrete stamping, with a dye added to the concrete, recreates the look of an individually paved, brick or stone driveway. Concrete stamping must be completed before the fresh concrete sets. Color hardeners and release agents go onto the concrete before the stamping begins. Laborers must be experienced in this kind of work and work quickly to complete the stamping with large polyurethane forms before the concrete hardens. After stamping, laborers complete any detail work, remove residual release agents, add a curing compound, install joints and, finally, seal the concrete.

Stenciling Effect
Like concrete stamping, contractor stenciling is completed after the concrete is poured, screed, floated and edged. Stencils are easier for workers to apply than stamping because stencils are made from disposable paper. The stencils create the mortar joints in the concrete, depending upon the look you choose, bricks, tiles or pavers. Because workers don't need to be on the slab while creating stencils, larger areas can be completed at one time when compared with stamping concrete. Stenciled concrete works best when looking for more stable surfaces on patios to support furniture.

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Some times when Richard is on a job it may be days before he gets to check his e-mail, so the best and fastest way to get in touch with Richard is to call him on his cell (615) 633-7028

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